Gotta Give and Take

Posted: January 29, 2011 in Blowin' Steam

This is a dose of dumb-proof relationship advice.


When your in a relationship and you actually want it to last, you have to give some to get some. Yeah, sometimes you give and give and give to avail. But eventually your significant other will see through the fog and realize how fantastic you are.

There is a couple in one of my classes who have been together for about a year. At the beginning of the school year they were happy-go-lucky. Now? Not so much. They are both involved in sports at my school, and he bent over backwards to be at all of her games in the fall. But when he wanted to stay at his house a night before a big tournament, she flips out saying how he was being unreasonable. She wasn’t willing to sacrifice her comfort at her house to be at his, even though he would stay at her’s. Their relationship is very strained right now, but I wish them the best because I haven’t seen her this happy in a while.

On the other side of me, in the same class, there is another couple and they have it figured out. Cheerleader and Football player. She isn’t the slutty type, and he isn’t the jerk type. He is always supporting her at tournaments and she’s at every single game, whether she has to be or not. She recently went to Nationals and he went right along with her, even though that meant he had to spend hours calling people to cover his shifts at work.

Maybe for you it is as simple as finally spending time with her parents, even though you disagree with everything they stand for. If would mean more than you think to her.

The give-and-take method is never guaranteed to work, and you may end up giving entirely more than you get. Just make sure you are not being taken advantage of. Word it like this: “If I do _______ with you, will you do _____ with me?” There may be some huffing and puffing, but if you really care about each other, it will work out.

Good luck!!



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