Happy Honkers

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Blowin' Steam

You know those people who constantly honk their car horn like it’s a toy? They honk to say hi, to annoy their kids when they pick them up from school, to get attention, etc.

Do they know how many accidents are caused because of someone like this honking their horn? It’s extremely dangerous. I don’t know about you, but if someone behind me honks their horn I’m either going to stomp on the brake or push on the gas. This is especially dangerous with new drivers because they are still unfamiliar with the ways of the road. It’s not just dangerous for teenagers, but the elderly as well because their reaction period is slower.

People need to realize that not everyone drives like them and they need to be patient. Maybe they should just make more time from point A to point B instead of taking their anger out on their car horn.

It’s happened to all of us: sitting at a red light, changing the radio station or just looking off in the distance and the light turns green. The person behind you seems to waste no time at honking at you to move and the light only changed .5 seconds before. Congratulations, your in a hurry, deal with it. Some people would like to be safe and not get into an accident with the person who just ran a red light. Or maybe you were the one who ran a red light because someone behind you honked. Or you hit someone on the cross walk because they were stupid enough to not wait for the “walk” sign and the car behind you got antsy.

Next time your in a hurry, don’t resort to your car horn, it can cause more damage than benefit in the long run. Who knows, maybe the guy you honked at jumps out of his car and decides to tell you what to do with that horn.



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