What’s in a name?

Posted: October 15, 2011 in The Warped Wiseman

Have you ever stopped to realize how many things around you do you really own? Not just have in your possession, but actually truly own? What about your computer?  The microwave in your kitchen?  Your car?  Your iPod?  The truth is, we actually don’t own very much. We may have bought some things from vendors, but in today’s society, we really don’t truly own anything,  save one;

Your name.

You see, if you don’t make your regular payments on your house, car, or any other items you may have, you may find it to your dismay that they can easily be taken away from you and theres not a thing you can do about it. But your name can never be taken away. It stays with you forever, so you have to take extremely good care of it. A persons name is the easiest thing to soil.

Remember back when you were young, and there was always this kid that would pick on you or your friends. This kid made your stomach turn, and it wasn’t just the kid. Anyone could just mention the persons name and your stomach would turn. That name had been soiled for you.
Other soiled names would be:
         Adolf Hitler
         Saddam Hussein
         Timothy McVeigh

All of these names can have different effects on people. Even cause people grief. Yes, grief. Just by hearing a name.

Take care of your name. Make sure that the people you meet and talk to daily know by the sound of your name what kind of person you are. Don’t leave anyone with a sour taste for your name. Its the only thing you can really keep with you.








– Jay-T out


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