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Happy Honkers

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Blowin' Steam

You know those people who constantly honk their car horn like it’s a toy? They honk to say hi, to annoy their kids when they pick them up from school, to get attention, etc.

Do they know how many accidents are caused because of someone like this honking their horn? It’s extremely dangerous. I don’t know about you, but if someone behind me honks their horn I’m either going to stomp on the brake or push on the gas. This is especially dangerous with new drivers because they are still unfamiliar with the ways of the road. It’s not just dangerous for teenagers, but the elderly as well because their reaction period is slower.

People need to realize that not everyone drives like them and they need to be patient. Maybe they should just make more time from point A to point B instead of taking their anger out on their car horn.

It’s happened to all of us: sitting at a red light, changing the radio station or just looking off in the distance and the light turns green. The person behind you seems to waste no time at honking at you to move and the light only changed .5 seconds before. Congratulations, your in a hurry, deal with it. Some people would like to be safe and not get into an accident with the person who just ran a red light. Or maybe you were the one who ran a red light because someone behind you honked. Or you hit someone on the cross walk because they were stupid enough to not wait for the “walk” sign and the car behind you got antsy.

Next time your in a hurry, don’t resort to your car horn, it can cause more damage than benefit in the long run. Who knows, maybe the guy you honked at jumps out of his car and decides to tell you what to do with that horn.



Gotta Give and Take

Posted: January 29, 2011 in Blowin' Steam

This is a dose of dumb-proof relationship advice.


When your in a relationship and you actually want it to last, you have to give some to get some. Yeah, sometimes you give and give and give to avail. But eventually your significant other will see through the fog and realize how fantastic you are.

There is a couple in one of my classes who have been together for about a year. At the beginning of the school year they were happy-go-lucky. Now? Not so much. They are both involved in sports at my school, and he bent over backwards to be at all of her games in the fall. But when he wanted to stay at his house a night before a big tournament, she flips out saying how he was being unreasonable. She wasn’t willing to sacrifice her comfort at her house to be at his, even though he would stay at her’s. Their relationship is very strained right now, but I wish them the best because I haven’t seen her this happy in a while.

On the other side of me, in the same class, there is another couple and they have it figured out. Cheerleader and Football player. She isn’t the slutty type, and he isn’t the jerk type. He is always supporting her at tournaments and she’s at every single game, whether she has to be or not. She recently went to Nationals and he went right along with her, even though that meant he had to spend hours calling people to cover his shifts at work.

Maybe for you it is as simple as finally spending time with her parents, even though you disagree with everything they stand for. If would mean more than you think to her.

The give-and-take method is never guaranteed to work, and you may end up giving entirely more than you get. Just make sure you are not being taken advantage of. Word it like this: “If I do _______ with you, will you do _____ with me?” There may be some huffing and puffing, but if you really care about each other, it will work out.

Good luck!!


Aaron Lewis – Country Boy Official video
From 11-22-2011

Aaron Lewis did a great job at this song here, but I feel that there are some points that need to be clarified with the general public concerning their status as a ‘country boy’.

Having the ability to relate to some of the lyrics in this song does not make you from the country. Many people can relate with many songs. Being from the country does not make you a country boy. Its a lifestyle and identity that is quickly being flooded by the fashion industry of the US.

Just because you know where an old dirt road may cross the general vicinity of your living area, does not mean you were born in the country.

Just because you own a truck, some camo pants, and have touched a tractor, does not give you any special right to call yourself a country boy. No, having great-grand parents that have a tractor does not mean that you own one. Even if you leave the comfort of your moms tit to go ride it once in a blue moon.

The most disturbing part about this video’s reactions that I often see are the praising and agreements with the stanza near the beginning.

“I rarely drink from the bottle,
but I’ll smoke a little weed.”

Smoking weed definitely does-not under any god-given circumstance make you, the wimpy dark clothed outcast pot-head, a country boy.
Smoking weed does in-fact, but is not limited to, reinforcing any previous acquired statuses as total dipstick, retarted monkey, and imbecilic turd licker. It also shows that instead of knowing the fruits and traps of nature, like a country boy would, you have been corrupted and tricked by society to fall into the butt-crack of stupidity.

Stop claiming that because you like this song you are a country person.

-Jay-T Out


Posted: November 4, 2010 in Blowin' Steam

Why is it when you walk up to girl they already start judging you by the way you look and what race you are? They never take the chance to get to know you and see what you’re all about. Especially if you’re black or Mexican. It’s like we have some big sign on our forehead that says “I wanna fuck you without your consent!”  

The first thing they do is ask themselves IS HE GOIN TO ROB ME OR RAPE ME. What the hell is with that?!  Or when your walking down the street or a hallway and it’s just you and that other person the first thing they do is look down or pull out there phone to read a “IMAGINARY TEXT” that they just got out of the blue sky or if you’re on one side they just happen to look up in the sky like they just saw a FLYING UNICORN.  

People walk down the street all the time with their purse on their side without a care in the world but when a black or Hispanic comes by somehow the purse is on the other arm away from that person like nothing happened. I wish that the girls would just would just get their heads out of there ass and quit being so shallow majority of them are not all rapist, killers, abusers, gang members, or thugs. Some of us just want to be recognized as people too.


Self Entitled Elderly Folks

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Blowin' Steam
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I have no problem with the elderly.

Hell, there are some I hold in the highest regards.

But the one that think that they deserve everyone’s respect can huff a dick. I deal with elderly of every possible spectrum on a daily basis, from the homeless veterans to the whiny prunes who can’t imagine that their coupon expired 3 years ago. Earning respect isn’t hard, but goddamn entitlement is the perfect way to get my foot up your rusty waterworks. EARN RESPECT GODDAMNIT. I’M NOT GONNA RESPECT SOME BLOB OF A BEING WHO LOOKS LIKE A PRUNE WHO ATE TOO MUCH LARD WHINING ABOUT HOW THEIR TWINKIE COUPON WON’T WORK AND HOW I MUST BE A RACIST COMMUNIST FOR NOT ACCEPTING THEIR HARD EARNED FOODSTAMPS.


I love you!

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Blowin' Steam

We’ve all heard those 3 words, from our family, friends, strangers. From whomever, we’ve heard them.

Now, usually family members mean it since, well, they’re your family, and are still accepting you as family.  But in some instances, I suppose they don’t.  But we won’t go into such a controversial subject today.

And strangers don’t know you, how do they know if they love you or not?

It’s your friends or boy/girlfriends that more than likely have not experienced the real form of love.

Friends experience love differently.  If they pass you walking down a hallway at school or see  you at lunch, they may yell out a greeting of “LOVE YOU!” and wave animatedly.  Our generation is so used to hearing that, and when we hear it when someone we care about, we don’t believe them because we have heard it all of our lives.  If your friend really loved you, and really cared about you, then they would stick with you through everything.  NOT just that happy moments like prom or graduation, but even when someone in your family has passed, someone has broken up with you, or just when your simply having a bad day.  Your real friends are going to know when your having a bad day and will bug you until you finally spill the beans.

Now, forget all that you ever thought about love, because relationship love will blow your mind.  It’s close to the friend love, I suppose, but on such an extremely deeper level.  It’s not something that you experience at first sight. (What could you ever learn from someone at first sight other than their style?)  It’s not something that you can assume over a few months.  Real, strong relationship love takes YEARS!  Not days, weeks, or even months.  It’s like a seed.  Not like a peanut seed or a grass seed, it’s like a tree’s seed.  It has to have perfect soil, light, temperature, and space.  The relationship has to be planted in a time of your life when you think you are ready to grow up a little, because you will grow up a lot.  There are moments in you life that you would probably rather keep in the dark, that you wouldn’t want to share with anyone.  But if you want a real loving, caring relationship, then you need to bring these into the light.  If you don’t feel comfortable telling someone these things, then either you don’t have a truthful relationship because your afraid to be open with the person you say you love, or your truly afraid of this event that occurred. If you don’t want to tell this person what your hiding, there is not way your relationship will be able to grow and protect itself.  Some relationships are rather cold.  Like, have you seen that couple that never touches, but has been together for a while and are still a couple?  I don’t understand how that works.  How can you not touch the person your with?  That is what we’re going to call a “cold” relationship because they don’t feel the warmth of each other’s skin.  I know you’ve come across the couple that is always all over each other.  Always hugging, kissing, making-out.  This is going to be a “spark” relationship.  These relationships happen fast and are over just as fast.  Usually these relationships are the ones that cause the most damage and scaring because they tell each other that they love the other, when they don’t know the half of love.  Usually, one would not think of giving each other space when you love each other, but if you truly want best for the other person and you want them to grow into the best person they can be, then you must not be needy and clingy.  One can easily become overwhelmed when another person is suddenly in their life and business. You have to take this part extremely slowly.  You can’t just dig a hole and throw a tree seed in it, it won’t and can’t grow that way.  It’s need to be nurtured and slowly replanted into bigger and bigger pots until it is finally big enough to be planted into the ground where the roots can spread as far and thick as they wish.’s definition for love is: a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.  Many will say “Oh yeah, I feel that!”  But do you really?