Its always the perfect pick up scene. The girl walks in crying, and you, the mysterious knight in armour comes in to comfort her and eventually get her to fall for you. Its a great way to get a chick, but what about your friends or your loved ones? What do you do, how do you comfort those friends that are in need?

“Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.” -Romans 12:15 NIV

The Bible tells us that we should mourn with those who mourn. We could say that instead of trying to fix what has happened, we just need to be there. Just be a shoulder to cry on and to cry with.
This is especially hard for us guys. Gentlemen, when the lady walks in and she’s crying, she doesn’t want you to go beat the bananas off of whoever wronged her. All she wants is someone to stay with them and listen to what they have to say. We have to stay the fix it man side of us and be that shoulder.

Look at your friends, look at your loved ones. Is anyone hurting today? How long has it been since you were there for them?
– Jay-T out


Have you ever missed anyone?
Have you ever been missed yourself?

Scanning through the class today, my professor pointed out the ones that were missing andd asked us, “Do you know what it means to be really good at what you do? Being good at your job means that when you don’t show up, everyone misses you.”

Nobody that was absent in our class was really missed. We got through just like we would any other day. And that made me wonder. If I didn’t show up, what would the class think? That might not mean much to you, but what if I put it this way?

What do you think would happen if George Washington didn’t show up to the last battle of the revolutionary war? Or if all the fire-fighters decided just to stay in bed all day during 9-11? Or if the sun just decided not to rise in the morning. Now I bet all of those people would be severely missed if they didn’t show up. Now these may be a bit exaggerated, but where in your life do you think you would be missed? Is there anyone who would miss you if you just didn’t wake up one day?

I believe that we should all try our best to be the sunshine in someones day. So that on that fateful day, people realize how much of an impact we actually had on them.

– Jay-T

First song: Puddle Of Mudd – Spaceship

Now finnaly a nice sweet hot steamy injection of testosterone. This song never fails to get my blood pumping, its got a nice catchy chorus, and the video is awesome. I mean seriously! This video has hot alien chicks, spaceships, and dirtbikes! That’ll put some hair on your chest. The song only has one verse though, and they repeat it twice (with a few words changed), but overall this is on my ‘favorite songs’ playlist.

Half a dick sucked out of 5

Second Song: Ronnie Milsap – Stranger In My House

This song is a prime example of pure 80’s rock and love. It has a nice guitar solo, not epic, just nice. The lyrics are cool, and you can really feel his emotion when he sings. The funny part about this song is how Ronnie has never actually seen his wife, as he went blind during his childhood and became one of the most talented blind artists.

Half a dick sucked out of 5

Third song on our list: Scorpions – Rock You Like A Hurricane

Another song back from the 80’s. The Instruments in this song all get to show off what they’ve got. The drums have a great beat and fills. The vocals are a bit monotone at times, but he still shows of some pipes. The rythym guitar is extremely catchy and fun, and the lead guitar is phenomenal. Ive got to say that out of all of the great guitar solos of this time, Rock You Like A Hurricane goes down as one of the best.

0 dicks sucked out of 5

– Jay-T

What I am about to show you, is an image that will blow your mind.

On the 6th day of not fapping, your testosterone level increases by 153%.Who the fuck cares about a bit of testosterone? With that much testosterone, you’ll have a drive, not just for women, but for productivity. You will get shit done in minutes that would have taken you weeks! That isn’t all there is to it. You get a lowered amount of DHT, orDihydrotestosterone. This stuff is bad, it leads to stress, massive hair loss, and acne. All of which are obviously bad.

Every time you masturbate, you get lowered testosterone, but increased dopamine and DHT. The reason why people are addicted to fapping (Yes addicted, as in the body and mind craves it) is because when every you ejaculate, your body releases dopamine, which you become used to getting in daily intervals. Ordinarily dopamine is meant to be released as a reward, such as for getting that job, getting something done, or boning a woman.

I want you to restrict your self from fapping more than once a day until friday. When it hits Friday, stop fapping. If you can resist the urge for two days, you will feel amazing. You will be productive and horny as fuck. You will strive to climb whatever ladder there is. Then when Friday comes by again, you will fap once, but it will be divine. You will wonder why you haven’t done this before, and you’ll come into this thread, and say thank you.

TL;DR Fap only on Friday and become alpha-male.

I’ll update this thread later, I can only write so much about masturbation at once.

Sources that you should read:…ating-too-much…racting-women/


Welcome to the first edition of Songs that don’t suck dick. The music will be rated by how many dicks it doesn’t suck. The less, the better.

First song: Armin van Buuren feat. VanVelzen – Broken Tonight

An example of a decent electronica/drum and bass song. The instrumentals are high quality, but the lyrics are generic and the singer is shorter than a dick in japan.

1 Dick sucked out of 5

Second song: Lynyrd Skynyrd – Free Bird

a Classic. badass as fuck, a guitar solo that gets better as it goes, and strong lyrics.

0 Dicks sucked out of 5

Third song: Dr. Dre – Chronic (Bizarro edit)

It’s nothing but swearing, but it manages to still keep a beat. awesome.

Half a dick sucked out of 5



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Why is it when you walk up to girl they already start judging you by the way you look and what race you are? They never take the chance to get to know you and see what you’re all about. Especially if you’re black or Mexican. It’s like we have some big sign on our forehead that says “I wanna fuck you without your consent!”  

The first thing they do is ask themselves IS HE GOIN TO ROB ME OR RAPE ME. What the hell is with that?!  Or when your walking down the street or a hallway and it’s just you and that other person the first thing they do is look down or pull out there phone to read a “IMAGINARY TEXT” that they just got out of the blue sky or if you’re on one side they just happen to look up in the sky like they just saw a FLYING UNICORN.  

People walk down the street all the time with their purse on their side without a care in the world but when a black or Hispanic comes by somehow the purse is on the other arm away from that person like nothing happened. I wish that the girls would just would just get their heads out of there ass and quit being so shallow majority of them are not all rapist, killers, abusers, gang members, or thugs. Some of us just want to be recognized as people too.


Self Entitled Elderly Folks

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I have no problem with the elderly.

Hell, there are some I hold in the highest regards.

But the one that think that they deserve everyone’s respect can huff a dick. I deal with elderly of every possible spectrum on a daily basis, from the homeless veterans to the whiny prunes who can’t imagine that their coupon expired 3 years ago. Earning respect isn’t hard, but goddamn entitlement is the perfect way to get my foot up your rusty waterworks. EARN RESPECT GODDAMNIT. I’M NOT GONNA RESPECT SOME BLOB OF A BEING WHO LOOKS LIKE A PRUNE WHO ATE TOO MUCH LARD WHINING ABOUT HOW THEIR TWINKIE COUPON WON’T WORK AND HOW I MUST BE A RACIST COMMUNIST FOR NOT ACCEPTING THEIR HARD EARNED FOODSTAMPS.


I love you!

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We’ve all heard those 3 words, from our family, friends, strangers. From whomever, we’ve heard them.

Now, usually family members mean it since, well, they’re your family, and are still accepting you as family.  But in some instances, I suppose they don’t.  But we won’t go into such a controversial subject today.

And strangers don’t know you, how do they know if they love you or not?

It’s your friends or boy/girlfriends that more than likely have not experienced the real form of love.

Friends experience love differently.  If they pass you walking down a hallway at school or see  you at lunch, they may yell out a greeting of “LOVE YOU!” and wave animatedly.  Our generation is so used to hearing that, and when we hear it when someone we care about, we don’t believe them because we have heard it all of our lives.  If your friend really loved you, and really cared about you, then they would stick with you through everything.  NOT just that happy moments like prom or graduation, but even when someone in your family has passed, someone has broken up with you, or just when your simply having a bad day.  Your real friends are going to know when your having a bad day and will bug you until you finally spill the beans.

Now, forget all that you ever thought about love, because relationship love will blow your mind.  It’s close to the friend love, I suppose, but on such an extremely deeper level.  It’s not something that you experience at first sight. (What could you ever learn from someone at first sight other than their style?)  It’s not something that you can assume over a few months.  Real, strong relationship love takes YEARS!  Not days, weeks, or even months.  It’s like a seed.  Not like a peanut seed or a grass seed, it’s like a tree’s seed.  It has to have perfect soil, light, temperature, and space.  The relationship has to be planted in a time of your life when you think you are ready to grow up a little, because you will grow up a lot.  There are moments in you life that you would probably rather keep in the dark, that you wouldn’t want to share with anyone.  But if you want a real loving, caring relationship, then you need to bring these into the light.  If you don’t feel comfortable telling someone these things, then either you don’t have a truthful relationship because your afraid to be open with the person you say you love, or your truly afraid of this event that occurred. If you don’t want to tell this person what your hiding, there is not way your relationship will be able to grow and protect itself.  Some relationships are rather cold.  Like, have you seen that couple that never touches, but has been together for a while and are still a couple?  I don’t understand how that works.  How can you not touch the person your with?  That is what we’re going to call a “cold” relationship because they don’t feel the warmth of each other’s skin.  I know you’ve come across the couple that is always all over each other.  Always hugging, kissing, making-out.  This is going to be a “spark” relationship.  These relationships happen fast and are over just as fast.  Usually these relationships are the ones that cause the most damage and scaring because they tell each other that they love the other, when they don’t know the half of love.  Usually, one would not think of giving each other space when you love each other, but if you truly want best for the other person and you want them to grow into the best person they can be, then you must not be needy and clingy.  One can easily become overwhelmed when another person is suddenly in their life and business. You have to take this part extremely slowly.  You can’t just dig a hole and throw a tree seed in it, it won’t and can’t grow that way.  It’s need to be nurtured and slowly replanted into bigger and bigger pots until it is finally big enough to be planted into the ground where the roots can spread as far and thick as they wish.’s definition for love is: a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.  Many will say “Oh yeah, I feel that!”  But do you really?



The Naive Cat

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You remember the old saying, “Curiosity killed the Cat” ?

Well, you wanna know what happened to the other cat?

He died.

Old, Alone, and a Virgin.

Theres some people in my hall that are driving me crazy because they just like to sit on their butts all day and never get out of their room to do anything social. They just go through their lives without any dangers or problems, or any fun.

If you havent realized, this isn’t some Nintendo game, you only get one life here. So why don’t you make the best of it?

I’m here way out of my comfort zone and having the time of my life. There was one saying from a dear old friend of mine that basically changed my whole outlook on life. “Dont spend the whole day regretting what cool fun or dangerous things you didn’t do. Get off the sidelines and live life to the fullest.”

After that ringing through my head all day, I felt the need to make a big change in my life, to get out and do what comes at me first and never look back. After that day, ive been having the time of my life, and have found who I truly am.

I hope that if you need to make a change like that in your life you decide to take it. I promise you wont regret it.

-Jay-T out