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Aaron Lewis – Country Boy Official video
From 11-22-2011

Aaron Lewis did a great job at this song here, but I feel that there are some points that need to be clarified with the general public concerning their status as a ‘country boy’.

Having the ability to relate to some of the lyrics in this song does not make you from the country. Many people can relate with many songs. Being from the country does not make you a country boy. Its a lifestyle and identity that is quickly being flooded by the fashion industry of the US.

Just because you know where an old dirt road may cross the general vicinity of your living area, does not mean you were born in the country.

Just because you own a truck, some camo pants, and have touched a tractor, does not give you any special right to call yourself a country boy. No, having great-grand parents that have a tractor does not mean that you own one. Even if you leave the comfort of your moms tit to go ride it once in a blue moon.

The most disturbing part about this video’s reactions that I often see are the praising and agreements with the stanza near the beginning.

“I rarely drink from the bottle,
but I’ll smoke a little weed.”

Smoking weed definitely does-not under any god-given circumstance make you, the wimpy dark clothed outcast pot-head, a country boy.
Smoking weed does in-fact, but is not limited to, reinforcing any previous acquired statuses as total dipstick, retarted monkey, and imbecilic turd licker. It also shows that instead of knowing the fruits and traps of nature, like a country boy would, you have been corrupted and tricked by society to fall into the butt-crack of stupidity.

Stop claiming that because you like this song you are a country person.

-Jay-T Out


Self Entitled Elderly Folks

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Blowin' Steam
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I have no problem with the elderly.

Hell, there are some I hold in the highest regards.

But the one that think that they deserve everyone’s respect can huff a dick. I deal with elderly of every possible spectrum on a daily basis, from the homeless veterans to the whiny prunes who can’t imagine that their coupon expired 3 years ago. Earning respect isn’t hard, but goddamn entitlement is the perfect way to get my foot up your rusty waterworks. EARN RESPECT GODDAMNIT. I’M NOT GONNA RESPECT SOME BLOB OF A BEING WHO LOOKS LIKE A PRUNE WHO ATE TOO MUCH LARD WHINING ABOUT HOW THEIR TWINKIE COUPON WON’T WORK AND HOW I MUST BE A RACIST COMMUNIST FOR NOT ACCEPTING THEIR HARD EARNED FOODSTAMPS.