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It was a scorching summers day out on the lake. Our boat had just set sail and we were having fun being out on the water. After about an hour or so, we were all hot, hungry, and dehydrated, so we decided to make our way back to shore. Since there was no wind to be found for the sail, we were using a small motor, but as we decidedĀ it was timeĀ to get to land, with almost perect comic timing, the engine stopped. Out of gas.

Franticly we searched around for the extra fuel tank, as the captain just sat in his seat as calm as the wind. When we came around to finding the extra tank, it was, to our dismay, completly empty. Being first time sailors, we were running around like chickens with their heads cut off, trying to comprehend why there was no gas, and why the captain was so calm about it.

“How are we possibly going to get back?” we asked him, “Theres no gas, no wind, we have no paddles, and we’re a mile from shore!”. The captain stood up and looked at us with a smile. He explained, “The wind always has a tricky mind of its own. It comes and goes whenever it feels like. Its just like life, it has its ups and downs,” Then he looked up at the sail, “But we always have to remember: No matter how bad life may get, the wind will always come back to fill our sails.”

At the very second that he said that line, as if he were a messenger from god himself, the wind came back. It was stronger than ever and we were able to make it to shore in no time. I will never forget that day. It has shown me alot more about life and what is to come.

-Jay-T Out