Aaron Lewis – Country Boy

Posted: January 22, 2011 in Blowin' Steam, Songs That Don't Suck Dick
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Aaron Lewis – Country Boy Official video
From youtube.com 11-22-2011

Aaron Lewis did a great job at this song here, but I feel that there are some points that need to be clarified with the general public concerning their status as a ‘country boy’.

Having the ability to relate to some of the lyrics in this song does not make you from the country. Many people can relate with many songs. Being from the country does not make you a country boy. Its a lifestyle and identity that is quickly being flooded by the fashion industry of the US.

Just because you know where an old dirt road may cross the general vicinity of your living area, does not mean you were born in the country.

Just because you own a truck, some camo pants, and have touched a tractor, does not give you any special right to call yourself a country boy. No, having great-grand parents that have a tractor does not mean that you own one. Even if you leave the comfort of your moms tit to go ride it once in a blue moon.

The most disturbing part about this video’s reactions that I often see are the praising and agreements with the stanza near the beginning.

“I rarely drink from the bottle,
but I’ll smoke a little weed.”

Smoking weed definitely does-not under any god-given circumstance make you, the wimpy dark clothed outcast pot-head, a country boy.
Smoking weed does in-fact, but is not limited to, reinforcing any previous acquired statuses as total dipstick, retarted monkey, and imbecilic turd licker. It also shows that instead of knowing the fruits and traps of nature, like a country boy would, you have been corrupted and tricked by society to fall into the butt-crack of stupidity.

Stop claiming that because you like this song you are a country person.

-Jay-T Out

  1. aarn lewis supporter says:

    You can be country and have everything he talks about and by the way the song is alking about a country boys life how we live and most of us country people do live the exact way and let me tell u something just because we smoke weed does not make us ass licker okay so get ur shit strait okay little dumbass nernds that type stupid shit get a life thatlnks weed rocks ppl

    • Wow. Wonderful story my friend.
      Where’d you get the the welfare money to type this with?

      In getting offended by me derogating your wonder weed, you have completely missed the point of my article. I’m focused on the city folk goth kids who are turning country solely because of this song. YOU may be a true country person just as the same as I, and I for one, am completely sick of the posers that claim to be what they’re not.

      In any event, I still do not approve of the smoking of Mary Jane, but I am not against it. Its a vital part of the economy and the black market and I’m perfectly fine with it. But no, weed does not rock. It keeps idiots controllable, and it does a very good job at it.

  2. Red Neckerson says:

    I am from the “old school” country. I may have tried a grapevine or two but I never did try weed until I was introduced to the “City” life. I personally do not like the way it made me feel. Now 30+ years later I know that I do not like it for me, my boys or anyone else for that matter. Being a country boy does not mean that you fall for the entrapments of society to “fit in”. It means that you have a well founded set of morals, beliefs and standards that you stand upon. You stand on these morals when the whole world makes fun of you. THAT is what a real country boy is!

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